Kitchener Garden Centre Family Fun

Why are activities for the whole family important?

At Greenway Garden Centre, we believe in providing our guests with a memorable experience. Visit our farm and wildlife. Turn your garden purchase into an adventure for the family. Greenway Garden Centre presents an oasis of family fun and activity away from daily life. Greenway Garden Centre offers activities for you to learn, explore, experience, and discover nature. All are welcome to enjoy our farm animals, our Nature Centre, including the amazing John G. Powers Butterfly Collection, picnic tables, and even our sandbox. Our facility is wheelchair accessible.


Edited donkeyAnimals always have a special place in our hearts. They add a sparkle to our lives, teach us a lot, and are always a highlight on school tours and bus tours. A few years ago, we raised a lamb with cattle. It was very tame so I took it out of the pasture so the children on the school trip could touch it. A little kindergarten student gave it a big hug. Afterwards he told me very happily, “This was the first time I could hug a lamb, thank you so much!” He absolutely made my day!

Butterflies | Lambs | Llama (Maurice) | Donkey (Pepsi) | Guinea Pigs | Rabbits | Ducks Sand Box

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