Butterflies in Kitchener

Greenway Garden Centre provides education of nature, which includes showing the life cycle of butterflies and the importance of preserving and enhancing our garden environments, especially for the monarch butterflies. Butterflies beautify and pollinate our world. They provide an experience for your garden that brings it to life.

Butterflies are the most beautiful, gracious and colourful insects. They are jewels of nature and to attract them to our gardens and make them stay is a privilege. I have learned so much from these fluttering creatures; the very fine balance of nature around us is stunning.

We have to stay away from any chemicals, which forces us to find alternatives. Temperature, humidity, and sunlight can have a huge impact in butterfly breeding and growing caterpillars, as well as the chrysalis. It is fascinating and we never finish learning. We always find new situations and things to learn in the world of butterflies.

By carefully choosing host plants (plants where butterflies lay their eggs) and nectar plants (food plants for butterflies) and planting them in a location that gets at least six hours of sunshine, you will have a successful butterfly garden. Find out which butterflies are native to your area and choose the plants accordingly. Plant a host plant and butterflies will come.

Child and monarch butterfliesAt GreenWay, we offer the longest and best butterfly/hummingbird plant selection. In our butterfly farm we show the most beautiful and tropical butterflies from Costa Rica. They are grown by 100 individual farmers and shipped by companies all over the world.

Eight years ago, Kees and Sabina had an opportunity to visit these farmers in Costa Rica. These butterflies and caterpillars are specially grown for export and some of them are never taken out of the wild. They raise caterpillars for these tropical butterflies in large tents. Their food plants are in rows in their garden or in small fields. Once the caterpillars are fully-grown and spin themselves into a chrysalis, they are ready to be sold and shipped all over the world to butterfly houses.

This year, income from the butterflies is changing lives in Costa Rica. One farmer told us that the butterflies have given his children a future. They were able to get a post-secondary education and now have careers, all because of the butterflies. And now it does the same for his nieces and nephews.

Butterflies are magical. They touch many lives in a very unique way!

Come and see some this incredible beauty and feel the magic when a chrysalis hatches in front of your own eyes. Open June and September.

bus at Greenway Blooming CentreAn elderly senior wasn’t convinced if he should one last trip off of the tour bus at the last stop of the day. I convinced him, and when he climbed back into the bus after a good look, he thanked me and said with a smiling face, “This was the best stop of the day!”


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  1. I currently work in a Kindergarten class and I wondered if you offer school trips to see the butterflies. Please advise the prices and what would be offered. Thanks.

    • GreenWay Blooming Centre - Breslau, Ontario April 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm

      Hi Michelle! We sent you the information on our field trip program. We hope you’re able to bring your class this year!

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