Plants in Kitchener

Locally grown at Greenway! There are no substitutes.

Growing our owkitchener plantsn plants right here in Breslau, Ontario. Everything is grown for the climates in our region. We grow our plants in the weather around Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph. This gives you a better selection, and a guarantee of quality control of all aspects of growing from seed to final product. All plants are personally selected, based on trend, performance, including winter survival (perennials), colour punch, uniqueness, and much more.

Why use Greenway Garden Centre?

Our plants have healthy, strong roots, and are garden ready. Quality control is of prime importance through the whole growing process. We also try to select varieties with good resistance to diseases and pests.

When selecting your garden centre, make sure to ask if they grow their own plants.

Enjoy Your Garden

Take a moment and relax in your garden. Watch the sparkling dew drops on a lupin leaf reflecting the first sunlight on a beautiful new day.

Sit quietly in your garden and observe the surroundings. You will be completely surprised by what you see and hear. Enjoy your favourite drink, a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy your garden.


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